Apparently, I have a 17 year old!

As I was leaving my brothers graduation, a guy told me ma’am your SONS gown is hanging out of your car AND then this 17 year old comedian, says SORRY MOM! Uhmmm NO NO and NO! 1. I would have to have been 13 when I had him! & 2. What the heck!? Do I really look that old?! I must head to target and get some anti wrinkles cream or something. ::rude::

The Graduate

The Graduate

Anyway! My baby brother graduated high school today!! ::cue tears:: I am so proud of that kid and I love him a ridiculous amount, also to add to the cry fest he’s turning 18 next Saturday when he already informed me he has plans at a video game competition ::excuuuuse me:: he also let me know I could come over on Friday because he’s free! Where did my little brother go!? Of course I’ll happily oblige.

While we were at dinner my mom and dad expressed that they wanted kudos for getting us all graduated and raising us to be decent people…Which I thought wasn’t a bad idea, I mean I know I wasn’t a walk in the park for them and I was the 1st! I am thinking of getting them a little gift maybe a picture of all three of their trophies children?  They said they are moving to Vegas to run away from us haha suuure parents, you know you love us.

My aunt also came to my brothers graduation, honestly I can’t think of a big part of our lives when she wasn’t there for us and I love her for that. She brought my mom some pictures of when I was a baby and I freaked! I have very very few pictures of myself as a baby human because my mom left all of our stuff when she left my biological father, we escaped with a bag and the clothes on our backs…pictures weren’t really a priority. Uhmm how precious was I !?!?

Baby Nicole

Baby Nicole

Next up, my OTHER baby brother is graduating from ITT TECH in a few weeks!

The OTHER brother

The OTHER brother

I love my family.


My car saved my life!

image My trailblazer! I ♡ you. This morning I was on my way to work via the freeway….I noticed when it came time to merge traffic was heavy so I stayed put because a few exits down would take me to the same place my missed exit would have….so I get off the freeway take a look around me, this section of Long Beach is sketchy hence why I exit earlier and go around. Anyway, I am slowing down to stop at a red light and *B*A*M* a car crashed into me!

All I remember is seeing this big white van in front of me and heading straight for it! Luckily I was able for nano seconds to focus and change lanes and end up in an empty turning lane at a full stop. *commence freak out* (some background on me? I freak out easily ::read:: I am dramatic) So I turn off my car and lock my doors, I grab my purse find my phone & call 911 because when I looked back the car behind me was squished, honestly I didn’t even think about getting out of my car to check on them because one the shady area, two I couldn’t feel my body I was in total shock, and three there were 3 people in their car and they all ran out to the sidewalk. After 911 got my details, it’s seriously a blur, I hung up and called my husband and that made me worse more so because I knew a car accident and the drama is the last thing we needed, but I needed him and I didn’t know if I could drive or was hurt etc. So while he was on the way, the cops on theirs I called my boss but no words could come out just crying and blubbering , I am so embarrassed but I really wanted them to know I couldn’t make it! (Shock makes you think crazy)

Finally the cops and ambulance arrive, I think they were less concerned about me because my beast of a vehicle didn’t look to bad compared to the other car, I refused medical attention because, I know this sounds dumb but I didn’t want strangers touching me! And all I knew was my neck hurt but I had no bleeding or clear cut injuries I wanted to go to either my ortho Dr’s I work for or my own PCP. Fortunately the cops did all the communicating between me and the other car, I just want to scream WHY did you hit me!??!?!?! Damn. But I stayed in my car until the gave me a report # and let me leave. I won’t know their side until I read the report. I just hope they are ok, have insurance, and accept fault!

I saw my PCP about an hour ago, I just have a case of whiplash I am very sore, nauseated, and have a headache that won’t quit. I took some ibuprofen and after I take my car to the appraiser I’ll ice down and get some sleep, I am writing this on complete adrenaline.

Be safe out there people. ✌

{Upgrade} Samsung Galaxy S6


I am not the techie type so I am not going to give you the specs here, My “review” is mainly superficial like “I can take a selfie how easy?!”

I joined the Android team about 2 years ago with the S4 coming from the Apple team….After being completely lost for a few weeks I fell for it, all the customization ness is my ish. While I’ll admit I thought about an iPhone 6 for a few minutes I ultimately got the Galaxy S6. Here are some of my favorite features:

{1} Double tapping your home button launches your camera, whether your phone is asleep or mid app double click and BAM picture time.

{2} Speaking of camera, on my S4 I was always fiddling with buttons when taking a selfie and ended up raising the volume half the time…with the S6 on the back side next to the camera lens you do a little swipe swipe with your finger and *capture*

Before I sound like I work for Samsung I’ll just tell you about 2 more features…

{3} Say you’re in an app right, and you need to open another…You hold down the bottom left button and your app splits in half and on the bottom half you can scroll through the apps, you open the one you want and *bam* both at once. Loved this when I was watching Ingrid on youtube and also trying to price check products she was using in her video. #winning

{4} Super Fast Charger that charges your phone from dead to full in THIRTY minutes, enough said. AND if you have an extra $50 you can get the wireless charger. Fancy.

& because I just LOVE purple look at this adorable case I found at Best Buy

galaxy s6 purple polka dot case speck


…..I am on episode 3 of Orange is the New black

…..I am playing one million random people in Yahtzee…Its a problem

…..I am craving something SWEET has anyone seen the new Ben n Jerrys flavor!? Peanut Butter Fudge Core? Yup it’s sitting in my freezer.

…..I am so glad the weekend is here. Work has been crazy busy and we are crazy understaffed, but I am learning a ton of things about the medical billing world and I love it.

…..I am looking for new blogs to read! I signed into my Bloglovin and half the blogs I follow haven’t blogged in years & the others are saturated in SPONSORED posts, Yuck. Please leave suggestions below. Please.

…..I am addicted to twitter

…..I am not separated anymore! 🙂 or Divorced. Just married ❤

Happy Weekend!

5 ways to survive without cable

I know what you’re thinking, “survive” is a bit dramatic but for an x tv junkie like myself the struggle was REAL.

I’ll admit my quitting was pretty much forced as in not by choice. Couch surfing leaves no time for TV! Ironic I know.

Anyway here are some tips to SURVIVE without cable:

1. Get Wi-Fi. Yes its kind of pricey but still cheaper than cable! Mine is about $40 a month with decent speed.

2. Because my cell phone is bipolar and is not always reliable I turned to a TV extension my preference is Chromecast by google, you can get it at your local Target or Best Buy for a measly $35. Why I like it: You can stream anything you are running through your chrome browser and it is SUPER easy to set up. Amazon, Apple, and Roku are other options but I have no clue how they work and they sound pricier.

3. Hulu & Netflix…$8-$12 per month each….side note: I’ll be a Netflix subscriber for LIFE just because Friends is on it! Someone I know uses an app called Sling for a few live channels but to me $20 a month is not worth it plus its not compatible with a lot of things yet.

4. Ask someone who can afford the luxury of cable for their password! What!? Who wrote that?! Not me. Most networks limit what you can watch without one.

5. be patient. No, you may not know who the bachelor eliminated on Tuesday morning at work but just forbid anyone to talk about it until Wednesday! p.s. ABC’s app has a live feature that works VERY well. Oh yeah and antennas work sometimes too!

It’s possible & cheaper! You’re welcome.

Mind Blown

OK ok maybe its not that dramatic but seriously I cannot believe I finished an actual semester of school! Since I graduated high school I have been the biggest college flake, I just wanted to work for some money to have a good time with my friends. Looking back I should have taken advantage of the fact I could live rent free with my parents and get an education mostly on them! Buuut you live and you learn right?!


AND I started at the toughest time, summer! The semester is about 2 months shorter so the classes are very fast paced. I took Cultural Anthropology & History post civil war. My anthro class was very structured and my professor started out with some very annoying group activities but I learned there was a method to the madness because as the class went on everyone was very comfortable talking. There were several papers, a research paper, 3 tests and 2 extra credits I always knew where I stood in that class. On the other hand my history class was ALL lecture and videos 3 tests 2 assignments and 1 extra credit while I could guess where I stood there was no room for error. It made me nervous. I enjoyed both classes and worked my booty off.

& I am VERY happy to report I ACED them both! Yay 🙂

Sunday Social: In Three’s

1. 3 favorite songs right now

  • Maps by Maroon 5
  • Partition by Beyonce
  • Stay With Me by Sam Smith

2. 3 favorite movies that remind you of summer

  • A League of Their Own
  • The Sandlot
  • Divine Secrets of the YaYas

lol I really need an UPDATED list!

3. 3 favorite articles of clothing you own

  • My little sweaters that hide my hideous arms
  • My floral print semi short sundress
  • My Sheer white longer in the back white blouse

4. 3 items on your wish list

  • A keyboard for MY husbands Microsoft surface so I can be like the cool kids in class! haha
  • A purse! Any one will do my current one is LITERALLY hanging by a thread.
  • a 90 minute massage!

5. 3 books you would recommend to someone

I am not really the reading books for fun type BUT I did just read one that kept my attention and I finished in 2 weekends

Life Drawing by Robin Black…. It was reviewed by People magazine but INCREDIBLY hard to find an actual physical copy so if you want to swap let me know lol Its about a couple who moves to the country to leave behind their past BUT find some new shenanigans to get into and let me tell ya they couldn’t run from these new ones!

I like scandalous books haha


Happy Sunday!