Mind Blown

OK ok maybe its not that dramatic but seriously I cannot believe I finished an actual semester of school! Since I graduated high school I have been the biggest college flake, I just wanted to work for some money to have a good time with my friends. Looking back I should have taken advantage of the fact I could live rent free with my parents and get an education mostly on them! Buuut you live and you learn right?!


AND I started at the toughest time, summer! The semester is about 2 months shorter so the classes are very fast paced. I took Cultural Anthropology & History post civil war. My anthro class was very structured and my professor started out with some very annoying group activities but I learned there was a method to the madness because as the class went on everyone was very comfortable talking. There were several papers, a research paper, 3 tests and 2 extra credits I always knew where I stood in that class. On the other hand my history class was ALL lecture and videos 3 tests 2 assignments and 1 extra credit while I could guess where I stood there was no room for error. It made me nervous. I enjoyed both classes and worked my booty off.

& I am VERY happy to report I ACED them both! Yay 🙂


One thought on “Mind Blown

  1. That is so awesome!!! Congrats! I am also a college Flake haha so I understand and unfortuantely I probably won’t ever go but hey never say never right!

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