5 ways to survive without cable

I know what you’re thinking, “survive” is a bit dramatic but for an x tv junkie like myself the struggle was REAL.

I’ll admit my quitting was pretty much forced as in not by choice. Couch surfing leaves no time for TV! Ironic I know.

Anyway here are some tips to SURVIVE without cable:

1. Get Wi-Fi. Yes its kind of pricey but still cheaper than cable! Mine is about $40 a month with decent speed.

2. Because my cell phone is bipolar and is not always reliable I turned to a TV extension my preference is Chromecast by google, you can get it at your local Target or Best Buy for a measly $35. Why I like it: You can stream anything you are running through your chrome browser and it is SUPER easy to set up. Amazon, Apple, and Roku are other options but I have no clue how they work and they sound pricier.

3. Hulu & Netflix…$8-$12 per month each….side note: I’ll be a Netflix subscriber for LIFE just because Friends is on it! Someone I know uses an app called Sling for a few live channels but to me $20 a month is not worth it plus its not compatible with a lot of things yet.

4. Ask someone who can afford the luxury of cable for their password! What!? Who wrote that?! Not me. Most networks limit what you can watch without one.

5. be patient. No, you may not know who the bachelor eliminated on Tuesday morning at work but just forbid anyone to talk about it until Wednesday! p.s. ABC’s app has a live feature that works VERY well. Oh yeah and antennas work sometimes too!

It’s possible & cheaper! You’re welcome.


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