…..I am on episode 3 of Orange is the New black

…..I am playing one million random people in Yahtzee…Its a problem

…..I am craving something SWEET has anyone seen the new Ben n Jerrys flavor!? Peanut Butter Fudge Core? Yup it’s sitting in my freezer.

…..I am so glad the weekend is here. Work has been crazy busy and we are crazy understaffed, but I am learning a ton of things about the medical billing world and I love it.

…..I am looking for new blogs to read! I signed into my Bloglovin and half the blogs I follow haven’t blogged in years & the others are saturated in SPONSORED posts, Yuck. Please leave suggestions below. Please.

…..I am addicted to twitter

…..I am not separated anymore! 🙂 or Divorced. Just married ❤

Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Currently….

  1. I wish you didn’t tell m e about that new Ben and Jerry’s flavor because OMG that sounds delicious. EEEEEP, I’m about 4 episodes in of OITNB and LOVE it! I’ve heard mixed reviews, with a lot of people saying they are disappointed, but not me so far. Then again, I think I’ve just really missed all of the characters so it’s nice to catch up with them 🙂

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you are married again 🙂 I have some cute blogs on my blog in one of the sidebars you could check out. A lot of my old favorites have either stopped blogging, went private or sponsor posts ALL the time!

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