My car saved my life!

image My trailblazer! I ♡ you. This morning I was on my way to work via the freeway….I noticed when it came time to merge traffic was heavy so I stayed put because a few exits down would take me to the same place my missed exit would have….so I get off the freeway take a look around me, this section of Long Beach is sketchy hence why I exit earlier and go around. Anyway, I am slowing down to stop at a red light and *B*A*M* a car crashed into me!

All I remember is seeing this big white van in front of me and heading straight for it! Luckily I was able for nano seconds to focus and change lanes and end up in an empty turning lane at a full stop. *commence freak out* (some background on me? I freak out easily ::read:: I am dramatic) So I turn off my car and lock my doors, I grab my purse find my phone & call 911 because when I looked back the car behind me was squished, honestly I didn’t even think about getting out of my car to check on them because one the shady area, two I couldn’t feel my body I was in total shock, and three there were 3 people in their car and they all ran out to the sidewalk. After 911 got my details, it’s seriously a blur, I hung up and called my husband and that made me worse more so because I knew a car accident and the drama is the last thing we needed, but I needed him and I didn’t know if I could drive or was hurt etc. So while he was on the way, the cops on theirs I called my boss but no words could come out just crying and blubbering , I am so embarrassed but I really wanted them to know I couldn’t make it! (Shock makes you think crazy)

Finally the cops and ambulance arrive, I think they were less concerned about me because my beast of a vehicle didn’t look to bad compared to the other car, I refused medical attention because, I know this sounds dumb but I didn’t want strangers touching me! And all I knew was my neck hurt but I had no bleeding or clear cut injuries I wanted to go to either my ortho Dr’s I work for or my own PCP. Fortunately the cops did all the communicating between me and the other car, I just want to scream WHY did you hit me!??!?!?! Damn. But I stayed in my car until the gave me a report # and let me leave. I won’t know their side until I read the report. I just hope they are ok, have insurance, and accept fault!

I saw my PCP about an hour ago, I just have a case of whiplash I am very sore, nauseated, and have a headache that won’t quit. I took some ibuprofen and after I take my car to the appraiser I’ll ice down and get some sleep, I am writing this on complete adrenaline.

Be safe out there people. ✌


One thought on “My car saved my life!

  1. We drive the same car, I love my trailblazer and I feel super safe in it like I have a lot of car around me to protect me. Anywho I am SO glad you are ok, I had someone hit me from behind and it was minor but I was a nervous wreck! I can’t imagine how I would be in an actual bad accident. I pray I never have to find out. Hope you start feeling better girly!

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