{Upgrade} Samsung Galaxy S6


I am not the techie type so I am not going to give you the specs here, My “review” is mainly superficial like “I can take a selfie how easy?!”

I joined the Android team about 2 years ago with the S4 coming from the Apple team….After being completely lost for a few weeks I fell for it, all the customization ness is my ish. While I’ll admit I thought about an iPhone 6 for a few minutes I ultimately got the Galaxy S6. Here are some of my favorite features:

{1} Double tapping your home button launches your camera, whether your phone is asleep or mid app double click and BAM picture time.

{2} Speaking of camera, on my S4 I was always fiddling with buttons when taking a selfie and ended up raising the volume half the time…with the S6 on the back side next to the camera lens you do a little swipe swipe with your finger and *capture*

Before I sound like I work for Samsung I’ll just tell you about 2 more features…

{3} Say you’re in an app right, and you need to open another…You hold down the bottom left button and your app splits in half and on the bottom half you can scroll through the apps, you open the one you want and *bam* both at once. Loved this when I was watching Ingrid on youtube and also trying to price check products she was using in her video. #winning

{4} Super Fast Charger that charges your phone from dead to full in THIRTY minutes, enough said. AND if you have an extra $50 you can get the wireless charger. Fancy.

& because I just LOVE purple look at this adorable case I found at Best Buy

galaxy s6 purple polka dot case speck


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