Apparently, I have a 17 year old!

As I was leaving my brothers graduation, a guy told me ma’am your SONS gown is hanging out of your car AND then this 17 year old comedian, says SORRY MOM! Uhmmm NO NO and NO! 1. I would have to have been 13 when I had him! & 2. What the heck!? Do I really look that old?! I must head to target and get some anti wrinkles cream or something. ::rude::

The Graduate

The Graduate

Anyway! My baby brother graduated high school today!! ::cue tears:: I am so proud of that kid and I love him a ridiculous amount, also to add to the cry fest he’s turning 18 next Saturday when he already informed me he has plans at a video game competition ::excuuuuse me:: he also let me know I could come over on Friday because he’s free! Where did my little brother go!? Of course I’ll happily oblige.

While we were at dinner my mom and dad expressed that they wanted kudos for getting us all graduated and raising us to be decent people…Which I thought wasn’t a bad idea, I mean I know I wasn’t a walk in the park for them and I was the 1st! I am thinking of getting them a little gift maybe a picture of all three of their trophies children?  They said they are moving to Vegas to run away from us haha suuure parents, you know you love us.

My aunt also came to my brothers graduation, honestly I can’t think of a big part of our lives when she wasn’t there for us and I love her for that. She brought my mom some pictures of when I was a baby and I freaked! I have very very few pictures of myself as a baby human because my mom left all of our stuff when she left my biological father, we escaped with a bag and the clothes on our backs…pictures weren’t really a priority. Uhmm how precious was I !?!?

Baby Nicole

Baby Nicole

Next up, my OTHER baby brother is graduating from ITT TECH in a few weeks!

The OTHER brother

The OTHER brother

I love my family.


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