A Fresh Start

So I’ve been blogging at Casa De Nicole on and off for about 6 years! Over time I kind of fell into the politics of blogging and posted more for the sake of blogging and not because I actually wanted to write. My anonymity was totally lost and I almost felt like my blog was just scrutinized by nosy IRL people and it kept me from posting. While this blog wont be totally anonymous I am not going to be publicizing it like I did my old one….If people find it so be it.

I picked Laughing at my own Jokes because literally I do! Sometimes I can’t even get this so called joke out of my mouth before I start laughing and once its out it may or may not lose its comedic value, thus leaving me laughing at my own jokes!

It kind of makes me sad when people lose their sense of self in their usernames…for example women who have kids  always become “mom to so & so” or newlywed women become “Wife to so & so” I mean I guess there’s nothing BAD about it but I know when I want to read someones blog I want to know who THEY are beneath the kids, or married life, or the pets they love so much. Is that terrible to say? However, I do acknowledge most bloggers have a niche, or brand they want to get out there…and I can respect that hustle.

Speaking of a niche, I don’t have one! I blog at random….Does that count as a niche? haha.

Anyway I am most likely talking to myself so let me stop and take myself to bed.